Healthier Alternatives

Apple Automatic is committed to helping our customers make a shift to a healthier lifestyle through our “Stay on the Right Track” program. Taking into consideration calories, sodium, sugar, fat, carbohydrates and proteins, Apple Automatic provides a wide variety of snacks and beverages to choose from. This program serves to improve the health and productivity of your employees. The “Stay on the Right Track” program has helped to make Apple Automatic a market leader and trendsetter for vending in the Twin Cities area.


Healthier Alternative Snacks

Baked Chips, Pretzels, Fruit Snacks,
Animal Crackers, Fruit Cups, Peanuts,
Beef Jerky, Crackers, and Granola

Healthier Alternative Foods

Yogurt, String Cheese, Fruit, Oatmeal,
Mr. Goodheart fresh sandwiches and salads


Healthier Alternative Beverages

Water, Flavored Water, V10 Vitamin Water, Sobe Life Water, Gatorade G2, 100% Juice, V8 Splash, Tea Varieties, and Low-fat Milk


We are happy to work with you to create healthier profiles in your machines specific to your company. For more information, please contact us.