Apple Automatic strives to be on the forefront of our industry’s technology presenting new ideas and opportunities to our customers.

Contactless Payment Option shown here

Contactless Payment Option shown here

iPhone Software Technology- We are able to provide superior service to you with our customized vending software and handheld technology. Our route salespeople use iPhones that wirelessly capture information that is accurate and timely. By utilizing this technology, we ensure machines are in proper working order, improve selection and rotation of products, and offer custom data information reports. Our system also provides real time data specific to your purchase patterns, machine health status, service and product alerts and more.

Guaranteed Vend Delivery - This technology is now available on our bottle beverage, snack, and refrigerated glassfront machines. If your purchase never crosses the machine’s sensors, the machine will try to vend again or return your money.

Energy - We offer energy star equipment and technology to save utility costs while conserving our planet's valuable resources. See Green Apple for further detailed information on our expanding efforts to be environmentally friendly.


Payment Acceptance Technology - The equipment and bill acceptors we provide fully utilize the newest technology available. In addition, we offer bill recyclers and credit card readers at select accounts.

Bill acceptors accept $1, $2 and $5 bills, as well as the option to accept value vend coupons.


Credit card readers are available for the ease and convenience of paying for your vending products with a secure credit transaction.