Apple Automatic is here to serve you. We personally answer your calls with an experienced individual who cares. We respond to your email requests in a timely manner. Our dedicated service team is personable, uniformed and well trained in servicing and maintaining our equipment. Our main priority at all times is to have our machines CLEAN, FULL and WORKING.

Full Line Vending with Customized Machine Setups – We provide fresh and frozen foods, cold and hot beverages, and snacks and candy through a planogram system to maximize variety, selection and capacity in the machines. Our extensive inventory of products allows us to provide a truly satisfying vending experience.

Customized Employee Programs – We give you the flexibility to offer perks to your employees through vending value coupons, free play options, and subsidized vending.

Free play options on pop and coffee machines enable you to place the machine on free at your convenience to provide your employees product at no charge to them. Product usage is tracked electronically and billed at month end.

Vending Value Coupons allow you to provide a drink or snack from select vending machines by use of a prepaid coupon. Coupons available for purchase through Apple Automatic.

Subsidized vending gives you the option to reduce the vend price on items in your machine. The price difference and usage is tracked electronically and billed at month end.

Office Coffee Service - We offer a large variety of premium and gourmet coffee, tea, cream and sugar, and additional supplies.

Office and Lunchroom Supplies - We provide a wide variety of office and lunchroom supplies for purchase at competitive prices. We will work with you to order and restock the supplies to save you time and energy. Make sure to inquire about the new biodegradable utensils and hot beverage cups now available.

Beverage Delivery Service - Looking for pop for your front office refrigerator or your company party? Check with us first. We provide a wide variety of products at competitive prices.

Equipment Rentals - We provide a full line of filtered hot and cold bottleless water coolers and ice makers.

Lunchroom Design – If you are planning on remodeling or building a new lunchroom, give us a call. We will bring fresh ideas and options to you at no cost.