Green Apple

GREEN APPLE is our commitment at Apple Automatic to be environmentally friendly, reducing our impact on the environment from our warehouse to your break room.

Positive Impact Through Our Company - In our new facility we have implemented numerous changes as part of our efforts for a greener tomorrow. We recycle aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard, florescent bulbs, and food waste and utilize electric forklifts and pallet jacks in our warehouse. We installed energy saving lighting and cooling units throughout our building and use natural lighting during the day limiting our demand for electricity.

Positive Impact Through Our Customers - Everyday we provide practical solutions to our customers to help reduce the impact they have on the planet through energy conservation, waste reduction and eco-friendly product choices. The innovative approaches we offer to our customers are the use of Energy Star rated equipment, high efficiency LED lighting, and Vending Miser motion-activated lighting sensors all helping to significantly reduce energy consumption. We also offer bio-degradable products including utensils, cups, and plates, which are made from nature and returned to nature. These steps do more than save energy and resources, they improve the world we live in and help to preserve it for the future.

For more information about the eco-friendly products available to you and how your business can help make a positive environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals, please Contact Us.

Committed to continuing the focus on a greener tomorrow!